Sunday, March 29, 2009


All the farm animals are doing well...including Maynard!

Last night it got down to 30 degrees.

The crops of carrots, mustard, kale,collards and radishes look good but the potatoes are a little wilted.

The Chickasaw plums seemed to have suffered a little damage also but overall I think we are OK.

Squeeky has been spending a lot of time out doors. I think he is looking for a girlfriend!

I caught this cute little racer snake in the garden.

1 comment:

  1. WOW! She even catches snakes! What a gal. :)

    I kinda figured that Squeeky would start having flushes of hormones come springtime! Love is in the air!

    SQUEEKY: Hey, ya wanna see my pad in the BIG house?

    GIRL SQUIRREL: Gee Mr. Squeeky, I never been in a BIG house before!

    SQUEEKY: Come on, it's a way of life!

    GIRL SQUIRREL: Golly gee, do you have any nuts in there?

    SQUEEKY: All the nuts girl could ever want, and much more....

    GIRL SQUIRREL: Oooooo Mr. Squeeky!