Sunday, March 8, 2009

Soil Sample

This year we expanded our farming area, in doing so the proper soil test were taken to help us determine what kind of soil and nutrients we have. The new field is a sandy loam with a little organic material. I started out by taking a mason jar and filling it with dirt I collected from the new field. Add water and shake. Wait a day or so, and the soil will settle leaving you a clear picture of what you have...I have sandy loam. Now, I test the PH and nutrient contents. This piece of land ended up being slightly alkaline(8.0). To lower our PH we will add composted horse manure and oak leaves. Our Nitrogen, was low. The horse manure along with our other organic fertilizers will help bring up our Nitrogen. The Potassium and Phosphorus were at a good level. It will take us a few years to get ideal soil...but well worth it!

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