Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Farm Animals

Steve and I have not had time to ride very much. We have been so busy planting. Maybe we can squeeze in a ride this weekend!

It looks like we will be keeping Maynard
our Clydesdale, even though he went nuts and was a bucking bronco pulling the waggonet. He trail rides and we enjoy watching him tromp around the pasture.

This week we rotated the horses to the northwest pasture. We worked for three days mending and putting up new fencing. And one of our horses, Sunshine still managed to escape and run through our onion patch.
Monday, Steve was out working in the garden and Maya our black German Shepard started barking and ran off into the woods. A few moments later she came running out as fast as she could go with three wolf-coyotes chasing her. One went to the left,one to the right with the third on her tail, they were going to encircle her and eat her. Steve stood up and waved his arms, hollering get!get! The wolf-coyotes turned and ran the other way. Now, I know your thinking what in the heck is a wolf-coyote? Well, we have been told by many local old timers that this area was the last stand for the red wolfs... and they interbred with the coyotes. They are bigger than a regular coyote at least four inches taller than our German Shepard, and have a red sable and gray coat.

We are in the process of installing
wildlife cameras to capture and
document these wolf-coyotes.

Hopefully we will also find out what
has been eating our turkeys and
chickens. We have seen owl, hawks
bobcats and heard foxes. Soon we will
have photos of the culprit.

On the February the 20th, Thumper our rabbit gave birth. She dug a hole deeper than my arm can reach and lined it with hay and her hair. Today is March 3rd and we have not seen them yet. We just keep waiting and watching hoping to see them soon!

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