Monday, March 9, 2009

Grass-Fed Beef Pricelist


Eden Creek Farm beef is always 100% all Natural and grass fed. No hormones, antibiotics no harmful chemicals what so ever! All beef is USDA inspected and has never been fed any grains such as corn or oats. Grass-Fed beef is higher in Omega Fatty Acids and lower in both total and saturated fats than grain fed beef. It also contains higher levels of such nutrients as B vitamins, zinc and iron. Additionally, because grass-fed beef is by its nature free range beef, It is not exposed to many of the bacteria and health problems that animals crowed into feeding pens experience. Grass-fed animals are eating what nature intended them to eat so their immune system and their digestive tracts are healthier…with out the use of antibiotics.

Grass- Fed Beef

T-Bone Steak $ 12.99
Rib Eye Steak $ 13.99
Beef Round Steak $ 6.99
Sirloin Steak $ 11.99
Short Ribs $ 6.29
Seven Bone Roast $ 6.29
Rump Roast $ 6.29
Beef Stew Meat $ 5.99
Beef Chili Meat $ 5.99
Ground Beef $ 5.99
Chuck Roast $ 5.99
Heal of Round Roast $ 6.99
Top Beef Butt Sirloin $ 6.99
Beef Skirt $ 6.29

Whole calf, Primal cut, Hanging weight $5.55 per lbs

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