Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sprouting seedlings

The weather has been a bit extreme this year...we have lost a few seedling do to morning freezes and windy hot days. (Not to mention the drought we are in) But, all and all a good percentage of our seeds did germinate and were not eaten by the wild, cotton-tail bunnies and the seed eating bird population. I learned a little trick when I lived in Indonesia. Hang recycled white plastic grocery bags in the garden(temporarily). This will keep birds and rodents out of the garden and give the seeds more time to germinate. The seed eaters think the swaying white bags are some sort of predators and keep them at bay . Seeds can be wiped out in a few hours by a big flock of birds, so out here...I need to protect the seeds until the are well established in the dirt.

Today I picked
my second harvest of asparagus this will go great steamed with butter with my sandwich for lunch.
Kristine and I spent today top watering the seedlings in the garden, while hand pulling weeds and putting down a mulch of oak leaves and hay. Mulch helps hold in moisture and nutrients for our garden veggies...and also cuts down on weed pulling.

We sure need rain!


  1. Hi, Steve! It's Mary Joyce (Orth) Moss (John & Cathy's daughter)! Got your blog url from your dad:-) What a wonderful job you all are doing. I'm so impressed with how your farm is being managed and the plans you all are making.

    I would love to have you visit my (primary) blog,

    My email is:

  2. Kristine & Steve!

    We love you people so much!

    The seeds we gathered with you from the wild organic persimmons have sprouted! Whooooooo hoooooo!

    I'm so excited folks! Now evie moonflower and i can have some of the goodness from the farm in our own backyard, Yes, they are still seedlings but soon they will be fruit producing trees. Not only do we have the good blessing of fresh fruit to look forward to but we also are helping with sustainable organic agriculture and helping the planet to take more CO2 out of the air with every tree we plant from YOUR SEEDS!

    Ya'll rock!