Monday, April 6, 2009

Bolsa Farmer's Market

Bolsa's first farmer's market was a great success! Thanks to everyone who showed up and helped support the local vendors! If you didn't make this market, try to make the next one. There was live music and twelve different vender's...including hats makers, chocolates, local organic coffee roasters, conventional farmer's and of course us Organic produce, eggs and grass-fed beef. We sold out of everything in a couple of hours( arugula, red mustard, asparagus, green garlic onions, mint, oregano,rosemary, Eden Creek salad mix, farm fresh eggs, and grass-fed beef), so when you come next time, show up early! Henryetta (one of our egg laying hens), stole the show. She actually laid and egg while a group of children and adults were watching. Baaaaa-Gawk! We passed around the warm egg...and then gave it to a little girl.

Our C.S.A's are going quick. Sign up soon so you don't miss out on the most nutritious, great tasting organic food delivered to your area weekly!

What a great time!

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