Sunday, March 8, 2009

When Bee's Attack

The movie crew showed up around 11:00am....the short story being filmed here today is about Chef Graham Dodds culinary expertise. He is the head Chef of Bolsa's in Oak Cliff. Graham enjoys using Eden Creek Farm's fruits, vegetables and grass-fed beef in his award winning recipes. His other passion is bee keeping and rescuing. All the eleven bee hives at Eden Creek Farm have been brought here by Graham. He actually will rescue honey bees from peoples homes, barns and buildings who want them removed... Without the use of any harmful chemicals!

Everything was going great until...the bees started stinging and swarming everything that moved. Everyone started running, swatting and screaming...(it was hilarious)! We all ran for the safety of the house, including the dogs who you could hear yelping from the bee stings. Anyway, this hive has started to "Africanize!" I have never seen anything like this hour later, the bees were still circling the house waiting to sting anyone who walked out.
Don't worry we did manage to get some of the plum blossom honey! Yummy! Yeeeee-haw!

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