Friday, April 24, 2009

Morning Shift

Thursday morning... 2:00am! Indian flute music cranked up, the morning shift begins! Thirty pounds of Eden Creek salad mix, baby arugula, mizuna, tat-soi, boc choi, pizzo and red mustard must be cut by hand, cleaned, packaged and delivered before 9:00am.
How do we harvest greens in the dark??? Headlamps!

With produce loaded we arrived in Dallas at Bolsa's around 10:00am. Chef Carlos met us at the door for his delivery including his own personal two dozen farm fresh eggs.
Then we were off to our next stop... Local. The owner and head Chef Tracy Miller and Chef Aliza greeted us at the door for their delivery of goodies. What a great place and great people!!! Make sure and stop by Local for a delightful dinner at 2936 Elm Street in Dallas(214-752-7500).

Anyway, we returned back to the farm around 12:00pm to till under a cover crop of rye...and finished planting by seed (over 200 each of ) Cherokee Purple, Brandywine, Celebrity, San Marzanos, Green Zebra's and Early Girl tomatoes. As a companion plant to the tomatoes we planted sweet basil a long side all of them.
Our first tomatoes should be ripe in July!

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  1. What a nice variety of tomatoes! On a much, much, MUCH smaller scale, we like to plan basic alongside our tomatoes as well:-)