Sunday, April 26, 2009

Three Sister's

The native Americans used companion planting when growing their crops. Three Sister's was the name for combining corn, beans and squash together in the same garden plot. Beans, a legume, brings nitrogen to the soil, the squash keeps the weeds out and the beans climb the corns stalk.

All day yesterday was Three Sister's day! We planted hundreds of heirloom organic floriani red flint sweet corn with kabocha orange sunshine winter squash and patty pan summer squash at the base, fortex snap pole beans to climb up the corn stalk.

It looks like it is going to be bumper crop of dewberries this year...we have already picked and eaten our first dewberry of the year. They are fully mature and ripe around Mother's Day. We will soon be busy making lots of jam, jelly, wine, cobbler and ice cream to eat and drink for the next months.

The first of our garlic scapes are coming we picked and grilled them with a piece of Eden Creek Farm tenderloin.


  1. Yummmm! I thought of you all today as I planted vegetables and herbs (all organically grown) in our completely organic garden:-)

    We've always tended to go organic, but now we're really conscious of food choices thanks to you all!

  2. Garlic! In San Francisco I had dinner at a restaurant, and one of the menu items included garlic scapes. I thought: garlic what? I couldn't believe I was unfamiliar with it. They look so beautiful, and I bet they taste delicious. I am making a mental "wishlist" for all the lovely fruits/veggies not yet ready yet, but almost mature: dewberries, carrots, garlic scapes...and those tomatoes!....yum!