Sunday, April 12, 2009

You can taste the difference!

"Why does Eden Creek Farm's greens and salad mixes taste so good?" Well, it is pretty simple! First off, you can't beat our freshness because we deliver the day we harvest. There are no harmful chemicals or man made synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or insecticides ever used on our property. Organic veggies are scientifically proven to have more nutrition than conventional produce. Happy healthy plant simply tastes better!

Everything here on Eden Creek is grown how our ancestors used to. It is called sustainable farming. This including using composted livestock manures, crop rotation and cover crops to improve the land. The earth is alive with earth worms, beneficial fungi, and billions of other microbes that complete the cycle . The living earth supplies the plants with nutrition they waste! Eden Creek Farm naturally feeds the soil that feeds the plants rather than fertilizing the plant directly with synthetic chemicals.

The water used on the property is either harvested rain water or clean fresh spring water that comes from our solar well. There is never chlorine used in our water! Every single seed is planted by hand with love. Finally, the reason our produce tastes so good is because we hand harvest every fruit, veggie, nut and herb with respect, love and care!

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