Saturday, April 11, 2009

Salad Dealer

Chef Graham from Bolsa's called yesterday and ordered an additional 7lbs of organic arugula, 3lbs of eatable flowers for a garnish and 8lbs of or Eden Creek Farm organic salad is going to be a busy weekend! We arrived at Bolsa's around 8:00pm on Friday evening to deliver the "Green". It was packed with a line out the door. EVERYBODY was having a blast! Chef Graham insisted we stay for dinner. Within minutes we were sitting at our table out on the patio, we ordered a peperoni pizza with Eden Creek Farm's organic arugula on top. Graham surprised us with a beautiful bowl of mussels swimming in butter sauce(ummmmmmm), the best I have ever had. And to top everything off... white chocolate carmel banana dessert! Everything was out of this world!!!! The service, the food, the music...spectacular. If you are in the Dallas area you need to check this hip and wonderful restaurant out!

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  1. Oh! I wish I could have joined you all for dinner! I am going to have to make a trip to Dallas!