Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Face To Face

On our walk threw the woods today, we ended up face to face with a wild pig. This is the first time one has ever been seen on our property! A couple of ferrel hogs can sure root up and destroy a large garden in a matter of minutes. It is time to build a live trap for my new snorting neighbors!

Just the thought of getting a painful itchy poison ivy rash will keep quite a few people from getting out and enjoying the outdoors. Even those who do not know if they are allergic to poison ivy are wary of roaming into areas where this plant is abundant. This is tragic. We should never miss out on any outdoor fun because we fear a plant. Especially when we can neutralize the effects of poison ivy naturally. Usually, a person’s resistance to the plant will diminish with each exposure. This is why some individuals, who for years have never been affected by poison ivy, acquire a blistering rash. At any rate, the best way to make sure that you do not get a case of poison ivy is to immunize yourself. And the easiest way to immunize you is to ingest poison ivy.
The first step in immunizing yourself is to gather a young budding poison ivy leaf in the spring with a pair of tweezers, and eat it. Then, as the leaves grow, you will consume one leaf per day until you are “stuffing down” a mature leaf. And, I mean stuffing. The less chewing you do, the better. Big leaves should be cut down to pieces that you can swallow whole. After you have “finished off’ a mature leaf, the immunization process, which can take three to four weeks, is completed. Anyway,this is what I have done for the past five years or so. I can roll around in poison ivy just like my new wild pig neighbor...and not even itch.

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  1. Hmmm . . . It's a great idea but I'm not sure I can handle that:-)

    Fortunately, I haven't been exposed yet - ever!