Monday, May 16, 2011

Farm Days!

We have a new baby girl lamb...we named her Kelly Orth!! She is a nice lamb with lots of color.

We have added a few more ducks to the farm...everyone loves our duck eggs.

We are trying out a new type of Broiler chicken...these grow fast but not so fast they can't walk.


  1. LOVE THE PICS GUYS! Kelly is a beautiful addition. Looking forward to some duck eggs.

    Upward and Onward from Big D!

  2. Had coffee with Sandra G. this morning and she told me about some of the things you guys are up to. Miss you! I am not working currently, so doing home stuff . . . more gardening, sewing, etc. I have been thinking about you all year. Need to chat and get advice. Might raise a few dairy bull calves.

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