Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Army Worms Attack!!!

The army worms attack Blooming Grove,Texas!!! They eat all the grass,grain,veggies and legumes in there way...taking out 100's of acers overnight.

While picking up a bail of hay for our horses today we noticed the Bermuda fields were eaten to the ground with millions of army worms everywhere. If you haven't heard of army worms yet "Google" will be amazed.

The worms have not made it to our farm yet... but we will be on the watch for these hungry little critters!!!!

On a better note, this past weekend between pulling weeds, planting seed and mending fence we went to Frost,Texas(five miles away) for a small town party at the square. You wouldn't believe who we saw there... Elvis is Alive! Not really it was Carl, the local Police officer dressed up and singing "Jail House Rock". I'm really glad we took a break from the farm for a little. We had a blast!!!

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